ACC Football Recruiting Class of 2013 Rankings Update (September 26)

Five-Star Running Back Taquan Mizzell Highlights a Huge Class for Virginia and Head Coach Mike London

September’s slowed down on the recruiting front (but not completely), so there aren’t too many changes to detail here. Still, coaching staffs continue to span the country in order to lock down the best high school players, based solely on arbitrary star-based ratings and a “gut feeling” that one may turn into a blue-chipper. While it’s fun to see where teams stand at this point in the game, it’s also important to keep in mind that the process is largely a crapshoot.

Included below are the rankings for all 14 ACC schools. The number to the left is each program’s national rank. Obviously, these figures can and will change over time, since these commitments are still tentative. Additional thoughts are also below.

ACC Football 2013 Recruiting Rankings (September 26)

11. Florida State (18 commits; 3.44 average) (August Rank: 10)

13. Clemson (17 commits; 3.47 average) (August Rank: 14)

16. North Carolina (19 commits; 3.21 average) (August Rank: 18)

18. Virginia Tech (17 commits; 3.35 average) (August Rank: 19)

19. Virginia (18 commits; 3.32 average) (August Rank: 24)

35. NC State (18 commits; 2.89 average) (August Rank: 49)

36. Maryland (17 commits; 2.76 average) (August Rank: 22)

39. Miami (FL) (11 commits; 3.55 average) (August Rank: 34)

40. Pittsburgh (17 commits; 2.65 average) (August Rank: 35)

47. Boston College (18 commits; 2.71 average) (August Rank: 57)

48. Georgia Tech (13 commits; 3.08 average) (August Rank: 41)

55. Duke (15 commits; 2.53 average) (August Rank: 60)

67. Wake Forest (12 commits; 2.58 average) (August Rank: 59)

76. Syracuse (8 commits; 2.75 average) (August Rank: 77)

Some additional thoughts after the jump:

  • Syracuse hasn’t picked up a recruit in months, hence why they’ve only got a class of eight, and are sitting around the mid 70s in the rankings. The Orange are one of the final considerations for several top recruits, however, so this class is still largely undefined.
  • With five schools in the top 20 (six if you want to count Notre Dame), the ACC is second only to the SEC in terms of landing top recruiting classes.
  • Mike London and Randy Edsall have received plenty of praise for their recruiting work in ACC circles, but the buzz may start carrying beyond league borders soon — specifically for Virginia, who is one of the conference’s teams in the top 20.
  • Florida State has already been pulling down top classes for the last few years, but given how this season is shaping out thus far, the best may be yet to come. Nationally, they’ll be one of the schools to watch as recruiting heats up.
  • Duke and Georgia Tech seem to be moving in opposite directions, with the Blue Devils rising in each of the last two rankings, and the Wreck dropping (precipitously) in the last two.

Check back next month, since we’re compiling recruiting rankings on a monthly basis. We’ll have additional notes on individual commitments as deemed necessary/important.

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2 thoughts on “ACC Football Recruiting Class of 2013 Rankings Update (September 26)

  1. Maryland has unfortunately recently had one of its higher-ranked verbals recently decommit, leading to the drop for the Terps. They still have a decent recruiting class though, and have a chance to add some other big names too.

    They’ve actually lost two recruits recently, the second being a borderline 2/3 star who decided he wanted to play at Penn State … ummm … ok. I guess he either wants a PSU degree or always wanted to play for them. Or something.

    Given last week’s better-than-expected performance against West Virginia, they have a decent chance to start winning some conference games. If they can do that (and perhaps get to a bowl game) they’ll have a shot at picking up a couple more good recruits. Even so, a top-40 class after a 2-10 season is not bad.

    • I’d totally agree. SU hasn’t been in that range in over a decade. Even after the 10-3 2001 campaign, things weren’t that great. Recruiting has changed under Doug Marrone, but at the same time, our ranking in these lists hasn’t really seen much (or any) of an uptick.

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