Shutdown Fullback: Florida State vs. Clemson Preview, and More (Video)

The college football world will actually turn its attention to the ACC this weekend, as Florida State and Clemson square off in a battle of unbeaten, top 10 teams in primetime on ESPN. College Gameday will be in attendance down in Tallahassee, of course, but we also wanted to provide this additional stamp of validation — the featured game on this week’s Shutdown Fullback preview. For the sad few who are unacquainted, SB Nation’s Spencer Hall (Every Day Should Be Saturday) and Jason Kirk apply their unique brand of humor to the world of college football, in video form.

Check it out below to see Spencer and Jason run down the matchup, as well as some of the weekend’s other highlights.

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2 thoughts on “Shutdown Fullback: Florida State vs. Clemson Preview, and More (Video)

  1. “Unique brand of humor” is as good a description as any. It’s …. ummm interesting. A bit entertaining anyway.

    Hopefully FSU & Clemson will put on a good show. I do feel a bit sorry for FSU because of the scheduling snafu …. imagine what it would be like if FSU had already beaten West Virginia as well.

    • If FSU had already beaten WVU, I’m pretty sure they would’ve leapfrogged Oregon by now. That type of scheduling issue is unfortunate, but a product of the Mountaineers’ hasty departure from the Big East. It’s the reason Syracuse got saddled with 11 of their 12 games against BCS opponents, too (and Pitt is facing two FCS teams).

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