ACC Football Goat of the Week, Week 3: Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech QB Logan Thomas is the ACC Goat of the Week for Week 3

No one enjoys piling on when things go wrong. But nonetheless, we’ve got to call out the ACC players who were counter-productive in helping their teams grab a victory this weekend. On the bright side for them, they can always get off this list next week. And for their sake, let’s hope they do.

ACC Goat of the Week, Week 3: Logan Thomas, QB/Virginia Tech

In last week’s ACC power rankings, we raised a flag about Logan Thomas’s declining accuracy, and its potential effect down the road. Little did we know it would have such an impact this past Saturday, though. Thomas’s young offensive line showed its inexperience to a hungry Pittsburgh team, and as a result, the Virginia Tech QB found himself under consistent pressure. Furthermore, Thomas showed himself to be a questionable decision-maker under duress (nothing new) and a player who will struggle to top 50-percent completions this season. Are any of these issues new for Thomas? No. But it’s all been long-ignored, and now we’ll have to see if the senior can recover and lift the Hokies onto his back once again.

Honorable Mention:

Tanner Price, QB/Wake Forest (8/22 passing, 82 yards, 0 TD)

Wake Forest Defense (52 points allowed, 612 total offensive yards against)

Virginia Defense (56 points allowed, 594 total offensive yards against)

Michael Rocco, QB/Virginia (15/25 passing, 143 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT)

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4 thoughts on “ACC Football Goat of the Week, Week 3: Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech

  1. It’s too bad in some ways … thought Virginia Tech might step up a bit more this year … and then they fall flat against Pitt.

    I feel sorry for Wake Forest getting steamrolled, but I am happy that Florida State looks like a real potential national title contender. Wow.

    • I was concerned about Tech’s offense all summer, but felt that if the Yellow Jackets didn’t exploit it, no one would until ACC play really kicked up. I can see them losing three games or so now.

      Love them or hate them, I have to say, I’m very impressed with FSU this season. I want to root for Clemson on Saturday, but if the ‘Noles get past them, I honestly think they’ll be playing for the National Championship — which, as an ACC fan, should be the priority (I believe).

      • I think I’m going to have to root for Florida State … their return to the status of a national power would be very helpful for the ACC, especially if they can make it into the title game.

        My ideal scenario would be that Clemson puts up a fight but FSU still wins decisively (i.e. two or three scores). FSU goes undefeated, wins the ACC championship and plays in (and hopefully wins) the national title game. Clemson wins all of its remaining games (11-1) and takes the ACC’s Orange Bowl spot, winning that game and finishing 12-1 … and the rest of the ACC performs respectably in its bowl games.

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