ACC Football 2012 Week 2 Lessons: Pitt’s Season Is Imploding On Itself

After Two Miserable Losses, Pittsburgh Is Obviously in For a Rough 2012

Each Monday morning, we compile our top five takeaways from the weekend’s action. Here’s what we got out of Week 2 of ACC football action:

1. Pittsburgh is done: Back-to-back ghastly performances by the Panthers have the fan base and program reeling as they stare at impending doom. Everything we thought we knew about this team — solid rushing attack, talented defense — were patently false. Now we’re waiting for the bottom to fall out.

2. Duke is still very much a work in progress: We discussed the Blue Devils’ issues from Saturday ad nauseum in our recap, but it’s worth repeating here as well. Despite all the progress coach David Cutcliffe has made, that team’s absolute ceiling is 6-6, with four wins far more likely.

3. Syracuse‘s offense can hang with nearly anyone: They scored 41 points in a loss to Northwestern. Another 29 in a loss to USC that, quite frankly, was about as impressive a showing as you may see against the Trojans during the regular season. There’s obviously more work to be done on defense, and they’ll have to learn how to run the ball with consistency, but this team will put up points all year.

4. Jim Grobe Is An Absolute Magician: Every single season, Grobe’s Wake Forest team manages to pull rabbits out of hats — exemplified no better than the 11-3 ACC title campaign in 2006. This year was obviously no different than season’s past, however, as he put together a winning gameplan against a heavily-favored North Carolina team on Saturday.

5. Michael Rocco Should Be Worried: The Virginia quarterback put in a flawed performance, yet still delivered when he absolutely had to on Saturday — something he can’t bank on forever. Coach Mike London also showed that he’s not afraid to turn the heat up on the senior by inserting backup Phillip Sims to change things up.

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6 thoughts on “ACC Football 2012 Week 2 Lessons: Pitt’s Season Is Imploding On Itself

  1. It’s fascinating how Grobe has managed to take Wake Forest from a pushover in the ACC to a team that conference foes have to take seriously. They’re no longer just another Duke (football-wise).

    Speaking of Duke … ugh. I though they’d turned a bit of a corner. I guess not yet.

    Pittsburgh is another ugh. Do you think part of Pittsburgh’s woes is a poor coaching staff, or simply adjusting to a new one? Maryland had an awful year in transition last year, but they at least managed to beat the FCS team (Towson) that they faced, and a depleted Miami team. The way Pitt is playing, Gardner-Webb looks like the ONLY winnable game on their schedule.

    Syracuse is at least scoring points, even if they’re not winning games. It’s too bad they couldn’t take more advantage of the 12 penalties against USC in the game.

    Virginia has to do much better if they expect to win more games. Getting bailed out by a bad opposing kicker isn’t a formula for success.

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