ACC Football Goat of the Week, Week 1: David Amerson, NC State

After Struggling against Tennessee on Friday, NC State’s David Amerson is This Week’s Goat

No one enjoys piling on when things go wrong. But nonetheless, we’ve got to call out the ACC players who were counter-productive in helping their teams grab a victory this weekend. On the bright side for them, they can always get off this list next week. And for their sake, let’s hope they do.

ACC Goat of the Week, Week 1: David Amerson, CB/NC State

We’ve already talked about all the issues NC State experienced in their opening game against Tennessee, but it’s worth rehashing just the same. David Amerson, the team’s best weapon, was effectively torched for the entirety of Friday’s matchup. So now what? Was last year an anomaly, or was the first game just a case of Amerson shaking off the rust? It’s obviously too soon to tell, but Friday set an effective blueprint for how to defeat the Wolpack, mostly centered on attacking their two best players incessantly. No, the year isn’t over just yet, but State and Amerson need to figure out a way to rebound quickly, or else a promising season could spiral quickly out of control.

Honorable Mention:

Tevin Washington, QB/Georgia Tech (10/15 passing, 96 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT)

Mike Glennon, QB/NC State (27/46 passing, 288 yards, 1 TD, 4 INT)

Perry Hills, QB/Maryland (16/25 passing, 145 yards, 0 TD, 3 INT)

Jerome Smith, RB/Syracuse (10 rushes, 34 yards, 1 fumble)

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2 thoughts on “ACC Football Goat of the Week, Week 1: David Amerson, NC State

  1. I’m not sure I can buy Hills as a goat for Maryland. He completed 67% of his passes and led them on a game-winning touchdown drive. I know he had three INTs, but I’d also take into account that he was still in high school three months ago, and he never panicked (coach Edsall remarked that he never had the “deer in headlights” look when he came back to the sideline).

    Hills and the receivers need a lot more time with each other (they’ve had less than a month of practice together being the starting group). I don’t know how quickly they’ll adjust, but hopefully they’ll be better against Temple. One of the INT’s appeared to be a miscommunication between Hills and the receiver (the receiver stopped running; Hills threw it to where he thought he would be). Another was a tipped pass that unfortunately went to a W&M guy. The other was admittedly awful.

    If there’s anyone from Maryland who deserves “goat” status, it’s Dexter McDougle (CB). THREE pass interference penalties (granted, one was BS but the other two were probably correct), two of which led to the six points, and he got beat for would-have-been TD’s by W&M (except they didn’t complete the passes).

    • Right. Obviously these are imperfect. Someone at Maryland had to take the fall, and Hills was elected to be the guy. Fair enough it’s his first start in college, but the team’s ability to compete this year starts and ends with him. Looking back at these, I’d probably put him last on the list after the other three individuals.

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