ACC Football Preview 2012: Top Heisman Contenders

NC State’s Mike Glennon Enters the 2012 Season As the ACC’s Most Likely Heisman Trophy Contender

Our final bit of conjecture before the 2012 season begins, we offer up our picks for the top five ACC Heisman Trophy contenders this year. Yes, we know that no Atlantic Coast Conference player has won the award since Chris Weinke. No, we don’t care.

ACC’s Top Five Heisman Contenders for 2012

1. Mike Glennon, QB/NC State (Last Month: 3)

The Wolfpack’s high expectations rest squarely on Glennon’s shoulders. Should this team play its way into the conference title game, he’ll have defeated at least two of the country’s top defenses to get there. If he’s playing at the same level he was late in 2011, there’s no reason to believe it’s impossible.

2. Logan Thomas, QB/Virginia Tech (Last Month: 4)

As we said in our player previews, it’s quite possible that no team is more dependent on one player than the Hokies’ offense is on Logan Thomas. After an impressive campaign last year, he must now figure out a way to balance growing hype with the pressure of operating behind a brand new offensive line. His statistics should get him into this conversation, if the Hokies enter the season’s last weekend with just one loss.

3. Tajh Boyd, QB/Clemson (Last Month: 1)

Boyd falls a bit in comparison to his previous evaluation only due to WR Sammy Watkins‘ suspension. With his top target out two games, Boyd’s statistics (and win total) may take a hit. If they do, he’s obviously taken out of this race pretty swiftly.

4. EJ Manuel, QB/Florida State (Last Month: NR)

Even through injury last season, Manuel managed to put up pretty impressive overall numbers. Reloaded with many of the same weapons, and hopefully a clean bill of health this season, he may finally be poised for the breakout season we’ve always been promised. Should his team go undefeated (not out of the realm of possibility), we’re looking at a true contender for the sport’s top award.

5. David Amerson, CB/NC State (Last Month: 5)

Like his QB at the top this list, much of Amerson’s candidacy is dependent on the Woflpack’s record. But if this star corner is going to repeat his 13-interception performance from last season, the two may go hand-in-hand. No strictly-defensive player has ever won the award in its history. Perhaps Amerson finally changes that fact.

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