ACC Football Daily Links — Would Penn State Ever Leave Big Ten for ACC?

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Friday, August 17, 2012

In NCAA Debacle, ACC Option More Hospitable (Centre Daily Times)

When the NCAA coerced President Rodney Erikson into signing a consent decree agreement and NCAA President Mark Emmert said he would institute a four-year death sentence, do you really think he would have done it? Never. Why? In the first place, that would have canceled 32 football games in the Big Ten alone (eight a year for four years) at $5 million a game, which equals $160 million…

UNC Chancellor Asks Ex-Governor, Auditors to Look Into Academic Fraud (News & Observer)

UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Holden Thorp, under increasing pressure to dig deeper into an academic fraud scandal that has now drawn national attention, said Thursday he is bringing in a former governor and a national management consulting firm to look for “any additional academic irregularities that may have occurred”…

Terps Coach Randy Edsall Remains Optimistic Despite Injury to C.J. Brown (Washington Post)

Maryland football coach Randy Edsall had just finished speaking with quarterback C.J. Brown on Wednesday afternoon when he addressed reporters via conference call regarding his starter’s season-ending knee injury. Despite the sobering news roughly two weeks before the Terrapins’ season opener on Sept. 1 against William & Mary, Edsall said that he and his team remained optimistic despite the loss of their starting quarterback…

You’ve Heard This Before, But… The Seminoles Might Really Be Back (Sports Illustrated)

Vince Williams knew he had to offer a qualifier. “I hate to reference the old days…” the Florida State linebacker said with the edge of someone who came of age in a world dominated by snark and cynicism. Then Williams referenced the old days anyway, harkening back to a dial-up era he barely remembers when the Seminoles were the baddest men in the college football universe…

VT Receivers Have Plenty to Prove (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

Virginia Tech receivers Dyrell Roberts and Marcus Davis know what is at stake this season. They know Danny Coale and Jarrett Boykin are gone. They know all eyes will squarely be fixed on them to step up and make their own name. So you understand why they feel a growing sense of urgency headed into this season…

Miami Hurricanes’ Thurston Armbrister Brings Depth to Defense (Miami Herald)

University of Miami defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio wasn’t looking for seniors when he stopped by Hollywood Hills High 16 months ago. Not in the month of May. Not a couple weeks before graduation. And certainly not four months after Al Golden had already wrapped up his first signing class…

Syracuse University Football’s John Raymon on His Waiver to Play in 2012: “I Feel Great About It” (

The Syracuse University football team is going through preseason camp as if redshirt freshman defensive tackle John Raymon will be eligible to play in the opener vs. Northwestern at noon Sept. 1 in the Carrier Dome. Raymon is, too. “Yeah, I am,” he said. “Everything sounds good. I think it’s going to be passed within a week or two, so I feel great about it”…

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12 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — Would Penn State Ever Leave Big Ten for ACC?

  1. I am sure the ACC would also enjoy having Penn State’s current two-time national wrestling champions, recent four-time national women’s volleyball champions, as good a women’s basketball team as any in the ACC, the competition of the men’s basketball team, recent national champion men’s and women’s gymnastic teams and four-time Big Ten women’s soccer team.

    As good a women’s basketball team as any in the ACC? Huh?

    And “the competition of the men’s basketball team” is what you say when you have nothing nice to say about the program.

    • Hahaha… Yeah, i mean, thought it was an interesting article, but the guy’s slightly unrealistic. I feel like he wrote this article back in 1984 when the talk of an eastern independent league started, and figured now was as good a time as any to try again.

      Also, wasn’t aware that non-revenue sports drove conference realignment for a major football program.

  2. Up until about a year ago, I loved the idea of Penn State being be a part of the ACC. I knew it wasn’t possible (because of the media rights) but it would have been nice.

    Now … I’m not so sure. I don’t think there’s a healthy athletic culture there (which is to say, the hero-worship, now combined with the “victimized by the NCAA”). I know the academics are outstanding, and some of the Olympic sports are good (as the author pointed out), but I think Penn State has to reinvent itself before I’d want it in the ACC.

    If they actually got kicked out of the Big Ten (which I don’t expect but I suppose is possible), the ACC would have to do some long, hard thinking about whether or not to consider them.

    • Calling the academics “outstanding” is a bit of an overstatement. Not to put Penn State down (or else their legion of woe-is-me commentators come out of the woodwork), but they’re not much better than Syracuse or Pitt (according to US News & World, at least) and below many of the other schools already in the league.

      If they get kicked out (unlikely), the ACC should probably give them a look, in an effort to improve the football product. But again, all hypothetical, since it won’t happen.

  3. On another note, I really hope that Florida State, Clemson and Virginia Tech have good seasons and win bowl games against major opponents. I’d love to see both FSU and one of Clemson/VT win BCS games.

    • To me, those are the key focuses for the league this year — having competitive, top-10 caliber teams, winning big bowl games and possibly, having a national title contender (FSU).

  4. John,
    The WVU Dude is at it again….now saying FSU and Louisville likely to the Big 12 with announcement soon. Is this Dude totally nuts?
    FYI: @ theDudeofWV
    Pending the right numbers for B12 CCG it looks like its FSU and Louisville

    @ theDudeofWV
    Big 12 TV contract will be about $23 million per year.

    @ theDudeofWV
    $22.5 to $22.8 with incentives to reach near $30 million. 13 year GoR is required by tV partners.

    • The Dude has said plenty that’s come up both false and true, so at this point, I can’t really comment on it without another source or any additional facts. While the withdrawal date for the 2013 season has passed, it would appear the 2014 window is still open and falls in line perfectly with the new playoff system.

      What I don’t get is the financial bonuses that could get everyone to $30M. FSU is a valuable property, but Louisville, to this point, hasn’t definitively showed the type of boost that would bring an expanded Big 12 up by that large of a number.

      Just don’t see what either school gets out of joining the Big 12 at this point, though. If they joined with Louisville, FSU is still very much on a geographic island. And still — given their athletic department’s money troubles — the $20M exit fee looms pretty large. Just don’t see how the move really helps them much at this time.

      • Here are further tweets….this appears to be serious……at least in Dude’s head…and the ACC has been so quiet lately including OB and ND…..
        47s The Dude of WV ‏@theDudeofWV
        Yet it was made clear to me that FSU has made the decision to leave the ACC regardless of who was selected for #12.

        Expand Collapse Reply RetweetedRetweet Delete FavoritedFavorite 1m The Dude of WV ‏@theDudeofWV
        I realize that many who know the FSU program think it unlikely that FSU would move without a partner from the ACC.

        Expand Collapse Reply RetweetedRetweet
        FavoritedFavorite 2m The Dude of WV ‏@theDudeofWV
        Louisville, was the last candidate standing for #12.

        • Well it’s not encouraging news. But again, haven’t seen it anywhere else. So until we get some additional info, it’s just something to watch out for and keep an eye on.

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