UMass Celebrates Move to the Mid-American Conference with a New Look

Solid Look.

AMHERST — The new University of Massachusetts football jerseys were sharp, no doubt about it. They fit better, the material is of higher quality, and for what it’s worth from a newspaper reporter with no experience in the fashion industry, they were stylish.

But that isn’t the point. At least not to some UMass players.

It was the small patch on the right shoulder sewn on to the jersey — the Mid-American Conference logo.

“Actually seeing that little MAC symbol on there marks it officially,” senior safety Darren Thellen said. “We’re in the MAC now. No more CAA”

The shoulder patch certainly isn’t the only stylistic change to the uniforms. Gone are the black accent patches on the sides of the jerseys. The numbers on the shoulders have gotten significantly smaller, and UMass has been added to the front.  (MassLive)

Well, UMass has finally joined the big time.  They finally made the move to Division 1, a move that I argued should have happened years ago.  And this move was celebrated with the unveiling of new uniforms (photos).  There was speculation that this would be the new design.  Not a bad look, but I think sticking with the maroon was the right thing to do.

I’ve always been a big fan of maroon and white as a color scheme.  When done well, it’s one of the best looks out there.  While I wish that they had gone with something a bit more traditional, it looks sharp nonetheless.

It will be fun to watch them take on UConn on September 1, hopefully starting the Battle of I-91 that I proposed months ago.  Unfortunately, it looks as though they will not be able to face ACC member and in-state foe Boston College until 2014 due to Division 1 scheduling requirements.  Although it was laughable when UMass head coach Charley Molnar stated that “there’s no reason why we can’t be the Number 1 team in New England,” an in-state rivalry will be fun for fans of both teams.  Either way, it’s great to have another Division 1 program in the Northeast.


7 thoughts on “UMass Celebrates Move to the Mid-American Conference with a New Look

  1. John,
    A bit off topic but found this yesterday. it is from VT’ and about its AD Weaver. When asked about the Orange Bowl he said this:
    “Weaver doesn’t know who the ACC’s Orange Bowl opponent will be. In late June, he thought he knew exactly what would happen, but things changed. Weaver didn’t want to get into what changed, because it could impact something else, and that something else is expansion. He’s not going to say who the expansion involves, but if you surveyed everyone in the audience someone would be able to tell you. Weaver thinks it will play out in the not too distance future.”
    Is this what is holding up any Orange Bowl announcement….has Notre Dame and ACC gone beyond just fans talking and could this be a reality…ND and ACC making a commitment that goes beyond the OB this year for reality in next two years?

    • I briefly caught that the other day, but didn’t want to start speculating publicly. The deadline for Clemson and FSU to withdraw from the ACC came and went yesterday, so (for now), I highly doubt they’re involved.

      My best advice for right now would be to wait, and hope that’s the result. As I’ve said: No point in expansion unless Notre Dame’s involved. So that’s really all I could see him alluding to there.

      • John,
        by all means send me an email. The WVU Dude is saying he has big expansion news and waiting for okay ot publish….as a big ‘Cuse fan to ACC I am a bit nervous…Something has to be up as it has been to long on the Orange Bowl finalizing…I think it has to be ND?

        • Saw his tweet. Have no idea what it could be. I’ll be on the lookout, though. Hoping (praying) it’s a positive for the ACC, and not a boost for the Big 12.

  2. Also, the new UMass uniforms resemble an Arena Football Leaugue team. Thinking the Grand Rapids Rampage or New Jersey/Cleveland Gladiators. But feel free to offer up other suggestions.

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