ACC Football Recruiting Class of 2013 Rankings Update (August 15)

Five-Star Defensive Back Kendall Fuller Provides a Big Boost to Virginia Tech’s 2013 Recruiting Class

August saw plenty of move movement for the ACC on the recruiting front, as the league firmly positioned itself in second for soft commitments, but still well behind the SEC. As these classes start to gain more recruits, you’ll see an even more dramatic shift, since many of these rankings are guided entirely by volume, and not necessarily quality (for teams with less than 12 recruits, at least).

Included below are the rankings for all 14 ACC schools. The number to the left is each program’s national rank. Obviously, these figures can and will change over time, since these commitments are still tentative. Additional thoughts are also below.

ACC Football 2013 Recruiting Rankings (August 15)

10. Florida State (19 commits; 3.42 average) (July Rank: 11)

14. Clemson (17 commits; 3.50 average) (July Rank: 21)

18. North Carolina (16 commits; 3.25 average) (July Rank: 34)

19. Virginia Tech (15 commits; 3.27 average) (July Rank: 28)

22. Maryland (19 commits; 2.79 average) (July Rank: 27)

24. Virginia (17 commits; 3.13 average) (July Rank: 19)

34. Miami (FL) (10 commits; 3.60 average) (July Rank: 46)

35. Pittsburgh (15 commits; 2.67 average) (July Rank: 51)

41. Georgia Tech (13 commits; 3.00 average) (July Rank: 36)

49. NC State (16 commits; 2.77 average) (July Rank: 43)

57. Boston College (16 commits; 2.54 average) (July Rank: 57)

59. Wake Forest (12 commits; 2.58 average) (July Rank: 53)

60. Duke (14 commits; 2.42 average) (July Rank: 56)

77. Syracuse (8 commits; 2.71 average) (July Rank: 65)

Some additional notes after the jump:

  • Syracuse fell quite a bit in the past month, most because it failed to pick up any recruits. They’re closing in on a few, but the delaying of Ebenezer Ogundeko‘s decision (originally due in July) has Orange fans a bit panicked about the prospects for the rest of the class. Success begets success, so obviously the star defensive end would be a huge get.
  • Randy Edsall’s decision to bring back Mike Locksley appears to be a fantastic one, in terms of local recruiting. On the strength of a boatload of D.C./Maryland area commitments, the Terps nearly have a top-20 class just a few months removed from a 2-10 season.
  • Overall, placing six teams among the top 25 in these rankings is a huge perception win for the ACC. The SEC, of course, has all but one team in the top 40, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion on its own.
  • Don’t let Virginia’s drop from last month fool you. Mike London is still pulling down another fantastic class in Charlottesville. That reduction’s more due to external factors than anything.
  • Virginia Tech got a huge boost from Kendall Fuller‘s pick-up a few weeks back. The five-star defensive back is ranked the third-best prospect in the country, and well above the caliber of player the Hokies can usually lock down. Perhaps this is a return to “Beamer Ball?”

Check back next month, since we’re compiling recruiting rankings on a monthly basis. We’ll have additional notes on individual commitments as deemed necessary/important.

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