ACC Football Daily Links — Ray-Ray Armstrong’s Lawsuit Could Forever Alter NCAA Policy

Monday through Friday each week, we compile the best links on ACC football from around the web.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ray-Ray Armstrong Against The NCAA: How A Cane Could Challenge College Football Hegemony (SB Nation)

It’s August, so I understand if you’re following the Olympics and wondering if it’s not too late to pick up table tennis instead of following Ray-Ray Armstrong’s pending lawsuit against the University of Miami. That lawsuit could be fascinating and have implications across the NCAA. But a major impediment to that is that Armstrong might sue the wrong entity…

Virginia Tech Hopes Youth Live Up to Promise This Fall (Daily Press)

In the early dark ages of Frank Beamer’s 26-year coaching tenure at Virginia Tech, he readily admits he’d almost have to cross his fingers and hope for the best when it came to projecting how incoming players would perform. Trying to build a program, and struggling mightily, often times what he saw from freshmen was also what he got when the freshmen became seniors. The ceiling was pretty low for Tech recruits…

Ranking the ACC Quarterbacks (Gobbler Country)

Back in June, BC Interruption ranked the 10 returning ACC starting quarterbacks. Despite agreeing with or not having much objection to most of their picks, they also picked Logan Thomas an unfathomable FIFTH on that list! Out of ten! Included among the four quarterbacks ahead of Thomas on their list was a guy whose name they couldn’t even spell correctly (something we promise to do, even if it is a totally stupid name…

Virginia Tech’s New Helmets Are Pretty Fowl (SB Nation)

In the land of the confusing college sports team mascots (this is, after all, the land of the Billiken and a tree with lips), the Virginia Tech Hokies are still pretty special. Since “Hokie” is a made-up word that the writer of the school song thought sounded cool, the actual mascot of VT is a turkey. Because they think that’s cool, too. SO COOL, in fact, that the football team will be wearing a real turkey doozy of a helmet in 2012…

Renner, Glennon Maintain Unique Friendship (Fox Sports Carolinas)

Bryn Renner remembers getting out of his parents’ car before a youth league basketball game as a kid and seeing a car pull up and park right next to theirs. A tall, lanky kid with strawberry blonde hair got out and walked into the gym. He was on the opposing team that day and the sight of him did nothing to shake Renner’s confidence…

Five Surprise Players From Clemson’s First Week of Football (Orange and White)

Sunday was an off day for the Clemson football team; following its first full week of practice and its first preseason scrimmage, the Tigers took the day to relax and gather themselves for the final 10 days of “camp” before classes begin August 22. Before practice began, several coaches said they were looking for “surprises” to emerge this month…

Stocker Has Been Thrust Into Spotlight as Glennon’s Backup (Winston-Salem Journal)

N.C. State’s chances of winning its ACC football division and reaching the conference title game will greatly depend upon how well it can manage a shaky quarterback situation. Mike Glennon, a senior who is back for his second season as starter, is a known commodity. But Tyler Brosius, a sophomore who would have been the backup, transferred to play baseball, making freshman Manny Stocker No. 2 at the position…

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