ACC Football Daily Links — Maryland Debuts New Uniforms & Helmets for 2012 Season

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Maryland Debuts New Uniforms, Tweaked Helmets (Testudo Times)

Today is Maryland football’s media day, which means Randy Edsall and a few players are being trotted out to give platitudes to the media. But that’s not all that’s been trotted out: the new football uniforms have been debuted! First, the good news: names will be on the back on the uniforms this year…

Five Critical Questions Virginia Tech Football Faces (Virginian-Pilot)

Maybe it was the way last season ended in Sugar Bowl disappointment. Maybe it’s the way this season begins, with a Labor Day showdown against Georgia Tech. Maybe Logan Thomas is just seeing things differently now as an upperclassman, but the Virginia Tech quarterback noticed a different attitude in the players-only workouts this summer…

Wolfpack Has Options in the Passing Game (News & Observer)

Troy Walters was hired less than six weeks ago to coach N.C. State’s receivers. The former Biletnikoff winner and eight-year NFL veteran didn’t need long to figure what he has to work with this season. “We’re a talented group,” Walters said. “We’re just inexperienced.” The Wolfpack must replace its top two receivers from last season. T.J. Graham led the team in catches (46), receiving yards (757) and touchdowns (seven)…

Thorpe’s Injury Could Be Severe Blow to UNC Offense (Wilmington Star News)

North Carolina football coach Larry Fedora was already worried about his team’s depth at wide receiver before preseason camp even began. Now, just three days into practice, it appears as though the situation has only worsened. Although school officials have yet to offer confirmation, numerous media outlets are reporting that sophomore T.J. Thorpe suffered an injury to his foot during Sunday’s workout…

Boston College Football Fall Camp: Can a Two Running Back System Work in 2012? (BC Interruption)

As Boston College’s fall camp opens, one of the position battles to watch is at running back where the Eagles return a trio of talented tailbacks in Rolandan Finch, Andre Wiliams and Tahj Kimble. It was Finch who lead the team in carries (157) and yards (705) last season, but Williams also got a decent share of the workload (124 attempts, 517 yards)…

Joe Vellano Follows In Footsteps of Father, a Fellow Terps All-American (Baltimore Sun)

Assistant Maryland football coach Greg Gattuso pointed across a dining-hall table at Joe Vellano and said in his best deadpan: “His dad was better.” Gattuso said it loudly enough to make certain Vellano heard. Vellano, arguably Maryland’s top returning player as the Terps open training camp today, only smiled at the coach, refusing to take the bait…

Is the ACC a Three-Team Race? (The Matador Sports)

The credibility of the ACC has come in question in recent years and most of that has come from the conferences lack of depth. Maybe in basketball it’s one of the deepest groupings around but in football, it simply doesn’t stack up to the SEC or the Big Ten. This year appears to be the same. There are eight teams that have odds of 15-1 or longer, which means that this conference is really down to just a few teams…

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5 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — Maryland Debuts New Uniforms & Helmets for 2012 Season

  1. I would put no faith in anything the guy from Madator Sports puts out. I think he just looks down on the ACC and he can’t write objectively about it.

    I probably shouldn’t have, but I was curious as to what his 2009 preview said about the ACC. I looked there because in 2008, the ACC had its “uber-parity” season, with TEN of the twelve teams posting conference records of either 5-3 or 4-4. One of his comments in July 2009 was “Both the Atlantic and Coastal divisions are about as shallow as a toilet bowl.”

    So, according to this guy, the ACC is not deep when it has parity, and is also not deep when there are only three ACC championship contenders. Perhaps he just doesn’t like the conference, and we’ll leave it at that.

    • I think a lot of people have trouble writing objectively to begin with, so I don’t necessarily hold anything against Matador. And while his assessments may seem counter-intuitive, I actually believe they make a lot of sense.

      You don’t want a three-team race without another team sniffing the top-25. While you also don’t want an eight-team race, with no one winning more than nine games. It’s a delicate balance between parity and having a few league favorites. The ACC, unfortunately, has not walked that line too well since expansion.

      • I suppose that’s fair. Ideally, IMO, the best scenario is 2-3 teams in the Top 10 and 5-6 teams total in the Top 25. That would still probably mean those 2-3 teams are the favorites for the conference title, but it also means the “second tier” of the conference is stronger.

        Recently, more often than not, those 2-3 that are supposed to be in the top 10 have been more in the 11-20 range, and the next group has been in the 20-40ish range. I guess it’s more of the “everyone needs to step up” cliche (which, while very cliche, is true).

        • Right. Look at the cluster of ACC teams this year. We’ve got one elite squad (FSU), two middle-of-the-pack, top-25 teams (Clemson and VPI), and then 6 or 7 teams in that 26-50 range. The groundwork’s there. The league just needs to collectively take that next step.

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