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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ACC Kickoff 2012: Notre Dame to the ACC As Partial Member? (BC Interruption)

Welcome to ACC Kickoff coverage here at BC Interruption. College football pre-season is finally underway, and we can start looking ahead to practices, interviews and of course the some of the most in depth BC coverage on the interwebs. Today is the first day of the ACC Kickoff in Greensboro, North Carolina. Before the day even began, a Pitt media member started to break some very interesting news…

Five Things That Larry Fedora Said at ACC Media Day That Worry Me (Carolina March)

So there’s another ACC Media Day(s) in the books. The preseason poll has UNC third in the Coastal Division, behind the Techs Virginia and Georgia, while Giovani Bernard and Bryn Renner both got one vote apiece for ACC Player of the Year. The vote for Bernard came form the Inside Carolina beat writer, so don’t get too excited…

Outside of Marketing, ACC Football Still Has Plenty of Work to Do (Winston-Salem Journal)

When the ACC kicks off the football marketing season every July, it always helps to have something to market. The strategy operates on two levels. No. 1 is the star factor. Coaches work well in this category because, unlike players, they hang around long enough to build broad name recognition. With Bobby Bowden gone, Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer becomes the obvious vehicle…

Pitt Should Plug Holes With Penn State’s Roster (Cardiac Hill)

One of the most damaging sanctions to Penn State is the ability of current players to leave the program and become immediately eligible anywhere. Under the usual rule, players would be forced to sit out one year when transferring from one FBS program to another. Suddenly, players who may not like the idea of playing without the reward of bowls or even championship game appearances can finish their playing careers where they see fit…

ACC Media Days: Syracuse & Pitt Fit Institutionally, Academically and Athletically (Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician)

Does anyone actually believe that the ACC will still be a 14-team conference by the time 2020 gets here? Due to circumstances, either created by them or created for them, the conference will almost certainly look different and likely have added at least one if not two schools. Also, we’ll all be driving hovercrafts and taking vacations on the Jupiter moon, Europa, but that’s neither here nor there…

Kevin Reddick Ready to Rock New Defense (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

North Carolina linebacker Kevin Reddick has done his homework all summer, watching countless hours of the Southern Miss defense and the way it took to the unconventional 4-2-5 scheme the Tar Heels are now being asked to run. Not only did he learn what coordinator Dan Disch likes his players to do…

ACC Kickoff 2012: Edsall Stepping Back (And How PSU Sanctions Could Help Maryland)

Leave it to the ACC to hold their football kickoff and media days at the exact same time the Penn State penalties are released. Talk about burying news. (I know, it’s not their fault. But hey, it would only happen to the ACC, would it not?). We’ll get to the PSU news and fallout in a minute, but first let’s give a nod to what’s happening in Greensboro…

TOB: This Will Be David Amerson’s Last Season at NC State (Wilmington Star News)

Officially, the N.C. State football team has five seniors starting on its defensive unit. As far as Wolfpack coach Tom O’Brien is concerned, the number might as well be six. “I’d be very surprised if David Amerson is back after another year,” O’Brien said of his All-America cornerback, who as a junior, still has two seasons of eligibility remaining. “This is the last hurrah”…

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