ACC Football Daily Links — What’s Next for Notre Dame, the ACC & the Orange Bowl?

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Notre Dame and the Orange Bowl: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Cardiac Hill)

After the ACC locked up an Orange Bowl berth for the next 12 years (minus the years the Orange Bowl is a playoff site), the camera then shifted to who would match up against the ACC. The suspects were the usual ones – the Big East champion (no thanks), the best at-large team (possibility), or Notre Dame. Sounds like the ACC has decided on the Irish…

Conference Compatibility: ACC (ESPN’s Notre Dame Blog)

Reasons for Notre Dame to join: Have we mentioned that Notre Dame is an East Coast school that happens to be located in Indiana? OK, good. The ACC is a great cultural and academic fit, with several elite private schools. The additions of Syracuse and Pitt would strengthen Notre Dame’s presence on the East Coast, the football program has already established a strong recruiting connection…

With Sims Eligible This Season, UVa’s London Faces “Tough Decisions” at Quarterback (Daily Press)

Mike London acknowledges the possibility of attrition, position changes and unscheduled redshirts. But those are prices he’s willing to pay for adding a former high school All-America quarterback to his University of Virginia program.
Phillip Sims transferred from Alabama to Virginia in May, and Wednesday the NCAA declared him eligible for this season…

Longevity Lacking in the ACC (ESPN’s ACC Blog)

Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer was hired for $80,000 in 1987. Talk about appreciation. What Beamer has done for his alma mater has been priceless, and colleague Gene Wojciechowski captured Beamer’s value perfectly in his latest column. Beamer represents all that is good in college football and the one thing that has been missing in the ACC — longevity…

Smoke Nears Decision (Streaking the Lawn)

Virginia’s top target for the 2013 recruiting class is getting close to making his college choice. Taquan “Smoke” Mizzell announced Wednesday night on his twitter account that he would announce his decision live at Bayside High School in Virginia Beach on the Tuesday, August 21st…

New Indoor Facility Clemson’s Latest Salvo in Facilities Arms Race (Orange and White)

Ah, the good ol’ days. When Dabo Swinney was a receiver at Alabama from 1988-92, inclement weather wasn’t exactly a major concern. “It’s not like it used to be, and that’s a good thing,” Clemson’s head coach recalled recently. “When I was playing, the lightning bolt would have to strike right next to you. ‘OK, boys, let’s go in”…

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5 thoughts on “ACC Football Daily Links — What’s Next for Notre Dame, the ACC & the Orange Bowl?

  1. John,
    What do you know of the Dude of WVU…his blog is now touting #11 FSU to Big12….he continuously is throwing out “stories” and has hit some and most not? I know that David Teel has responded in a way on his tweets that the Dude is not reputable….thoughts.
    Reason I am asking is as we emailed yesterday, it is awfully quiet out there not only on expansion but also Orange Bowl. Is this quiet before the storm?

  2. John,
    Here is Tweet: The Dude of WV ‏ @ theDudeofWV @ hihoze @ JSi07 Its back on again. B12 agreed to add FSU as 11.

    • I’m not going to declare him completely wrong — because I honestly haven’t heard anything — but based on the track record I’ve seen from him, I’d say it’s more National Inquirer-style (we’ll keep throwing stuff at a wall until something sticks, and then celebrate when it does) than actual, sourced journalism. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s why the internet’s great, and why blogs like his and mine can exist and gain readership. Looking at his Twitter followers, there are some reputable names, for sure. But In my experience tweeting with him, and considering David Teel’s assessments, I think most of his stuff is just WVU fanboy hearsay.

  3. John,
    Not sure if this has gone thru multiple times or not at all as I am not seeing it. First, you are so very different from the Dude….your reporting and analysis has facts and does not cause the world of tweeter to blow up.
    Additionally, I would like your thoughts on Swarbrick’s comments below. Seems as if he is back tracking from the OB and ACC. Do you think that? And again, we seem to be in a quiet period…is the storm about to be dropped on us?

    Highlights: (link below)

    Earlier in the week, reports surfaced that Notre Dame was in talks with the ACC about the Irish being a potential opponent for ACC teams in the Orange Bowl.

    “I think there’s been a little bit of misunderstanding with all of that,” Swarbrick explained……

    With the ACC locked into the Orange Bowl, a procedure for an opponent needs to be figured out–Swarbrick explains.

    “It’s a collective decision,” Swarbrick said. “It’s been portrayed as a Notre Dame discussion or somebody else’s discussion but it’s much more a collective effort to structure something that has a solution for the other side of the Orange Bowl.

    “So a lot of us are engaged in that,” Swarbrick continued. “It isn’t limited to Notre Dame. We’re making progress but there’s more work to be done.”

    Swarbrick is certainly very satisfied with results of the 4-team playoff and how it all played out. More so, he feels it continues to allow Notre Dame to exist in the manner it wants.

    “As we’ve said throughout all of our consideration for this–whether it’s post-season solut
    ions or conferences relationships–it starts with the premise of football independence and continue to be comfortable with our ability to do that and proceed that way,” Swarbrick explained.…_162269115.html

    • Hmm… I think this actually falls in line pretty well with what’s been reported. Mostly a conversation on how the ACC, Orange Bowl and Notre Dame can hammer out a mutually beneficial relationship with one another. Notre Dame’s statement here seems to stress independence as the top priority, so nothing’s changed there. But no real indication on what happens with other sports.

      On his statements that “it’s not just a Notre Dame conversation,” I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re looking at several different ways to arrange the opponent opposite the ACC champ. You can’t just bank on Notre Dame always being eligible (look at the last 20 years), so there has to be additional considerations there to determine who’s on the other line. It could very well be a “best available” agreement. Or maybe even a tie-in with BYU. The former would be my best guess, though.

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