ACC Football Recruiting Class of 2013 Update (July 11)

Clemson Commit Robert Nkemdiche is One of Many Big Gets for the ACC’s Class of 2013

We’ll be taking a look at recruiting in more detail throughout the 2012 season and into the offseason, but given all the recent fuss over recent Clemson commit Robert Nkemdiche, this figured to be as good a time as any to start the discussion on the class of 2013.

Included below are the rankings for all 14 ACC schools. The number to the left is each program’s national rank. Obviously, these figures can and will change over time, since these commitments are still tentative. Additional thoughts are also below.

ACC Football 2013 Recruiting Rankings (July 11)

11. Florida State (17 commits; 3.41 average)

19. Virginia (15 commits; 3.14 average)

21. Clemson (12 commits; 3.27 average)

27. Maryland (15 commits; 2.86 average)

28. Virginia Tech (12 commits; 3.17 average)

34. North Carolina (11 commits; 3.33 average)

36. Georgia Tech (10 commits; 3.10 average)

43. NC State (16 commits; 2.91 average)

46. Miami (FL) (8 commits; 3.50 average)

51. Pittsburgh (13 commits; 2.78 average)

53. Wake Forest (11 commits; 2.60 average)

56. Duke (12 commits; 2.56 average)

57. Boston College (11 commits; 2.88 average)

65. Syracuse (8 commits; 2.83 average)

Some additional notes:

  • Syracuse’s ranking will likely jump in the coming weeks once Ebenezer Ogundeko makes his decision. The four-star prospect is a teammate of recent commit Augustus Edwards, and the two claimed they were a package deal when this process started.
  • Despite perceived struggles, Randy Edsall has actually turned Maryland’s local recruiting around in a hurry, with additional proof right here in these rankings.
  • Placing all 14 schools amongst the top 65 (again, this will end up being top-60 once SU locks up Ogundeko), the ACC is one of just two leagues to place all of its teams that high, joining the SEC. The SEC’s worst ranking is at number-64 (Kentucky).
  • Apparent NCAA issues at Miami and North Carolina have done little to curb recruits’ desire to attend each university, respectively. UNC’s average recruit grade is a 3.33, while the U’s is a highly impressive 3.50.
  • Unrelated to the ACC, the SEC placed eight teams in the top 20. For your reference, the ACC had two.

From here on, we’ll be compiling recruiting rankings on a monthly basis, with additional notes on individual commitments as deemed necessary/important.

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