Breaking News: ACC and Orange Bowl Reach 12-Year Agreement

12-Year Agreement Looks Like Good News for the ACC

The Discover Orange Bowl will be played annually on New Year’s Day at 1 p.m. ET, and will feature the ACC champion. The agreement is set to begin in 2014, the same year as the new playoff system. If the ACC champion is selected to play in the 4 team playoff, then a replacement ACC team will compete instead.

The ACC champ has played in the Orange Bowl every year since 2006, so this may not seem like much of a story, but believe it, it is. The ACC joins the other major conferences with a tie-in with a major “BCS” bowl. The Orange Bowl has seen some lackluster matchups in recent years, but is still one of the premier bowl destinations. If you also consider that the Orange Bowl anticipates it will be one of the alternating playoff destinations, then this partnership looks even better for the ACC.

“The Discover Orange Bowl has a rich history of prestige, is located within the league’s footprint and is a great destination for our student-athletes, alumni and fans. In addition to our continued partnership, we are very pleased to be playing annually on New Year’s Day” said ACC Commissioner John Swofford. Translation: tune in and see us in prime time, at the same time, every year, just like the big boy conferences.  Undoubtedly, more news and analysis will come on this partnership; but for now this looks like a nice move by the ACC.


2 thoughts on “Breaking News: ACC and Orange Bowl Reach 12-Year Agreement

  1. One thing you’ve got to mention with this …

    According to some reports, the ACC is going to retain the broadcast rights for this game and be able to have broadcasters bid on them. That is a huge deal, and it has the potential to be very lucrative for the ACC.

    It also means that if the Orange bowl has the semifinal but the ACC champ isn’t in the top four, the ACC champ will get into another one of the “big six” bowls. If the ACC champ is in the top four and the Orange Bowl doesn’t have a semifinal, the ACC will send a different team to the Orange Bowl.

    This may effectively put the ACC on “equal footing” with the other four power conferences as far as their champion in a bowl is concerned.

    • Caught that change in the narrative over the past week or so. Also interesting that the Big East’s interim commissioner thinks that there’s “no such thing” as the power five conferences, and that the Big East will be able to find a place amongst the top bowls. Personally, I find this hard to believe.

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