ACC Football 2012 Payback Games: Boston College Eagles

After Last Year’s Disappointing Loss, Boston College Gets Another Shot at Notre Dame This November

Every team in the ACC has a couple games they wish they had back from 2011. Whether they didn’t bring their A-game, or the other guys just got lucky, every school would love another shot at an opponent, for the ability to prove it won’t happen again. Luckily, because of conference play and parity in the ACC, many will get a chance at redemption immediately, with rematches already on the books for 2012.

As part of our 2012 college football season preview, we’ll be running through the biggest “payback” games for each school. As no team finished with just one loss, there are likely multiple choices for each — none more “right’ than another, necessarily. Still, every selection should help provide some extra motivation for fans as they gear up for this season’s slate of games.

Team: Boston College Eagles

Opponent: Notre Dame

Last Year: Loss, 16-14 at Notre Dame

This Year: November 10, at Boston College

Boston College had several close losses in 2011 (four in total by single digits), but the Notre Dame defeat burns hottest. As the only two Catholic FBS schools, there’s a special camaraderie that brings these opponents together, and it’s also the same one that divides them. Supremacy is a key tenet of any rivalry, and both would love to be known as the best in a two-horse race.

For Boston College, last year’s victory would’ve brought them to 4-7, with a big non-conference win under their belt. Not that it would’ve changed their fate as far as the postseason’s concerned, but if we’re talking about pride (and we are), 5-7 overall surely looks a lot nicer than 4-8. Instead, fans dealt with the frustration of losing to a team that did not come prepared to play, as the Irish (who won eight games in ’11) continuously failed to execute in the red zone. While the Eagles had two additional chances to take the lead late — an unsuccessful onside kick inside the two-minute mark and a lateral-filled last play — it just wasn’t meant to be.

This year, with Notre Dame projected as a top-25 squad, and BC seen as a team with a 6-6 ceiling, a win would once again look pretty nice on the Eagles’ resume — beyond the normal sheen of a win over their Catholic brethren of course. Obviously we’ll have plenty more context on this game once November rolls around, but you can be sure that Boston College has their calendars marked for the Irish’s trip to Alumni Stadium already.

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2 thoughts on “ACC Football 2012 Payback Games: Boston College Eagles

    • Well I think those concerns start to go away as soon as Spaz is fired (for starters).

      Honestly, though, I think what gets lost in the “northeast football is mediocre” shuffle most is that people forget how many programs have elevated themselves and diluted the pool over the last decade. With eight teams playing at the FBS level (and all but one in a “BCS” league), how can we expect any of those schools to truly be dominant (or even, excellent?) on a consistent basis? And I’m even lumping Penn State into this argument too. The talent pool’s not big enough in the local high school areas, and if given a choice between Boston/Syracuse/Pittsburgh and a USC or FSU, we can all venture a guess at where the kid’s actually going. Hate to spell it out this way, but it’s a sad state of things for all the northweast programs.

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