ACC Football Weekly Enemies List: The One Where the Orange Hate “OJ”

Excuse the Juice Pun, But the Big East Is Trippin’

Our newest weekly feature, the “Enemies List” gives a rightful place of ire to individuals who wronged ACC football in some way, shape or form. The inspiration for this practice? Why, President Richard Nixon, of course, who spent tons of time being paranoid people were out to get him. Obviously, the ACC can relate given the current state of things

ACC Enemies List, Week of June 4

1. Tom Odjakjian, associate commissioner, Big East: “OJ” as Syracuse AD Darryl Gross points out in his now-infamous “reply all” memo, is one several individuals that screwed over the Orange in the SEC/Big East tournament debacle late last week. No, it has nothing to do with football, but it’s a black-eye for the entire school in some ways. Just when we thought we were getting away from all the “traitorous” rhetoric, we’re now right back to it — all because Syracuse wanted to be kept in the loop and asked about scheduling matters for its own team? Please.

2. Jim Delany, commissioner, Big Ten: Now Delany’s not the only culprit here, but his complete 180 on a playoff proposal and contradictory hard-line support of a committee is just throwing more controversy into this whole thing. Most important here is the committee part, though. How do you make a controversial system more controversial? By removing the impartial element (computers) and polls from the media (at least mildly objective), and replace them with former coaches of the very teams they’ll be judging. Obviously, this isn’t set in stone, but the last thing we need is more of Bobby Bowden, waxing poetic about watching games on his iPad.

Enemies List Standings, Week of June 4

Person Appearances
Chris Del Conte, TCU 1
Chip Brown, Orangebloods 1
“Sources” 1
Andy Haggard, Florida State 1
David Wilkins, Clemson 1
Bill Snyder, Kansas State 1
Tom Odjakjian, Big East 1
Jim Delany, Big Ten 1

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2 thoughts on “ACC Football Weekly Enemies List: The One Where the Orange Hate “OJ”

  1. Only two enemies this week? That can’t be right. Gotta be more. 🙂

    As to a selection committee regarding a proposed playoff, I am in favor of the idea. It makes the most sense if it is done right. And by “done right,” I mean that the committee is given strong guidance on what criteria to use to judge the teams.

    The polls from the media used in the BCS rankings are not objective in any way. There is no objective criteria that is followed by a poll’s voters. Each of the voters has their own personal bias (whether from playing, being a fan, believing in the superiority of one conference over another, etc.). Not only that, there are direct conflicts-of-interest in the coach’s poll. Not only that … all of the poll voters really don’t have the time required to properly evaluate enough teams each week to cast a reasonably educated vote.

    The biggest problem with the computer rankings is that most of them are unverifiable, as some have pointed out. The one that actually can be checked was found to be wrong once, by one fan who just happened to check it to see if it was right. They are technically objective, but it all depends on what criteria is used as to how “accurate” they are. Which is better – a very strong overall schedule with one “bad” loss, or a moderately tough overall schedule with one “good” loss? And why?

    • Oh, totally agree that the rankings are a bit flawed (to say the least). But how can we create a committee that’s any less biased? If former coaches and administrators are on said committee, they’re obviously going to favor the teams and conferences that signed their paychecks all those years. That’s why the Harris Poll has flaws, because it’s a similar type of group. Just think we need a way to fix this that cuts out human bias, without removing the human element of the process.

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