ACC Football Weekly Enemies List: The One Where TCU’s AD Starts Mouthing Off

TCU AD Chris Del Conte Headlines This Week’s ACC Football Enemies List

Our newest weekly feature, the “Enemies List” gives a rightful place of ire to individuals who wronged ACC football in some way, shape or form. The inspiration for this practice? Why, President Richard Nixon, of course, who spent tons of time being paranoid people were out to get him. Obviously, the ACC can relate given the current state of things

ACC Enemies List, Week of May 21

1. Chris Del Conte, Athletic Director, TCU: Horned Frog braggadocio exclaims Big 12 alive and well, and has several gentleman callers. While this means nothing, the internet explodes with conference realignment rumors again, and the ACC is considered dead-man-walking for the fifth time in a week.

2. Chip Brown, Texas PR Flack Any time Brown hears some rumors that may prove favorable to his Longhorns, he comes-a-runnin’ to other media folk. Now he’s all about this Georgia Tech rumor, which actually has no more legs (read: no legs at all) than the Florida State, Miami and Clemson rumors currently out there.

3. “Sources”: These guys, usually the crux of breaking news and journalistic scoops, have been the key cog in a collection of lies, rumors and speculation in this realignment mess. I’d kindly ask them to keep quiet until called upon, for the time being.

Enemies List Standings, Week of May 21

Person Appearances
Chris Del Conte 1
Chip Brown 1
“Sources” 1

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