ACC 2012 Scheduling Outlook: Boston College Eagles

Boston College Coach Frank Spaziani Has His Work Cut Out For Him in 2012

With all of the insanity going on over in the Big East, we wanted to give a breakdown of each of the ACC‘s schedules — how the teams stack up, and some thoughts on overall difficulty. If these change at all, we’ll also be sure to update them on a rolling basis. All information is up-to-date as of publishing, based on the latest from

Today’s breakdown: Boston College Eagles

The Eagles’ non-conference schedule is par for the course in the FBS, featuring a traditional rival, a 6/7-win BCS conference school, a lower-tier FBS school and FCS school from the same general geographic region. Notre Dame (the traditional rival) is coming off a bowl season, and is projected by most to appear in the preseason top 25. Their other major non-conference matchup is the road end of a home-and-home with Northwestern. The Widlcats (starting their backup quarterback) slugged out an ugly win over BC last year in an ominous opening game in Chestnut Hill, Mass, and Boston College would love nothing more than to return the favor. While Army‘s no world-beater, the game will be played at West Point, NY — a more intimidating venue than most would assume. Lastly, the Eagles get an unpredictable Maine Black Bears team with a history of catching FBS schools (mainly Syracuse) off-guard early.

In league play, Boston College is certain to struggle with a top-loaded schedule, and of course, no Luke Kuechly. Of the four ACC programs appearing in the incredibly early preseason pollsFlorida State, Clemson, Virginia Tech and NC State — they face all of them. Additionally, BC sees fringe top-25 team Georgia Tech, a potentially dangerous Wake Forest squad and Miami. Oh, and Maryland. Even the most optimistic Eagles fan can’t see more than two league wins there, and even that assumes a lot of cards fall just right. Full schedule in hand, and a tough road ahead, the stage is set to be Frank Spaziani’s last season as head coach.


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