Top 15 ACC Players at the 2012 NFL Draft Combine

Boston College LB Luke Kuechly Leads a Strong Crop of ACC Players to the NFL Draft Combine

Another crop of players leaves the college ranks this spring to take part in one of my favorite events growing up (that is, until Roger Goodell ruined it): the NFL Draft. In preparation for their selections come April, the league released its official Combine invite list, and there are plenty of ACC players in attendance. In total, the 14 teams had 51 selections, with Miami scoring the most (eight). No surprise with the questions still looming over that program.

Below, we’ll list the top 15 prospects invited to the Combine, followed by a quick team-by-team list based on total numbers.

Top 15 ACC Players at the 2012 NFL Draft Combine

1. Luke Kuechly, LB/Boston College

2. David Wilson, RB/Virginia Tech

3. Andre Branch, DE/Clemson

4. Lamar Miller, RB/Miami

5. Dwight Jones, WR/North Carolina

6. T.J. Graham, WR/NC State

7. Sean Spence, LB/Miami

8. Chris Givens, WR/Wake Forest

9. Terrell Manning, LB/NC State

10. Quinton Coples, DE/North Carolina

11. Dwayne Allen, TE/Clemson

12. Chandler Jones, DE/Syracuse

13. Zebrie Sanders, OT/Florida State

14. Audie Cole, LB/NC State

15. Jayron Hosely, CB/Virginia Tech

Total by Schools: NC State (3), Clemson (2), Miami (2), North Carolina (2), Virginia Tech (2), Boston College (1), Florida State (1), Syracuse (1), Wake Forest (1)


4 thoughts on “Top 15 ACC Players at the 2012 NFL Draft Combine

  1. , to compare Kuechly who had ofrfes from other big name programs as a three star, to the bulk of kids BC has signed over the past three years, is disingenuous. We stole these latest kids from marginal non-BCS schools at best. It’s a complete disaster. As for the coaches, it wasn’t a case of Spaz making changes, instead it was a mass abandoning ship and not because of the direction of the program, but because Spaz has alienated everyone. He frickin punched last season’s offense changer (same exact stuff we are hearing about Martin btw) in the face! How do you justify that? Then he and his protector Flip completely covered it up. This is a train wreck and honestly an absolute embarrassment. We BC folks were always frustrated that our teams could not break through and really make a national statement, but we took great pride in the consistency and discipline that our football team brought game after game. That is all gone. The results are plain to see for everyone. To deny this and say Spaz is a great coach is beyond ludicrous. He actually makes Dan Henning look like a good head coach. I will always hope the team succeeds, but a losing season this year will force the hand of Emperor Flip and maybe this time he will actually make the right choice and hire a guy like Mike London who would have come back to BC in a heartbeat.

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