National Signing Day 2012: Top 15 ACC Recruits

Top-Ranked Recruit, DE Mario Edwards, Chose Florida State on National Signing Day

National Signing Day was an eventful one for the ACC, which took home several of the country’s top recruits, and placed three teams in the top 10 of ESPN’s class rankings. We’ll start our recap of the day by first looking at the top players to commit to ACC schools. For consistency’s sake, we’re going off ESPN/Scout’s rankings.

Top 15 ACC Recruits

1. Mario Edwards, DE/Florida State (No. 1 overall, Grade: 90)

2. Eddie Goldman, DT/Florida State (No. 10 overall, Grade: 85)

3. Jameis Winston, QB/Florida State (No. 14 overall, Grade: 84)

4. Travis Blanks, S/Clemson (No. 15 overall, Grade: 84)

5. Tracy Howard, CB/Miami (FL) (No. 18 overall, Grade: 83)

6. Rushell Shell, RB/Pittsburgh (No. 26 overall, Grade: 83)

7. Randy Johnson, ATH/Miami (FL) (No. 35 overall, Grade: 82)

8. Ronald Darby, CB/Florida State (No. 38 overall, Grade: 82)

9. Angelo Jean-Louis, WR/Miami (FL) (No. 41 overall, Grade: 82)

10. Mario Pender, RB/Florida State (No. 72 overall, Grade; 81)

11. Marvin Bracy, WR/Florida State (No. 76 overall, Grade: 81)

12. Germone Hopper, WR/Clemson (No. 81 overall, Grade: 81)

13. Joel Caleb, ATH/Virginia Tech (No. 83 overall, Grade: 81)

14. Chad Kelly, QB/Clemson (No. 84 overall, Grade: 81)

15. Jay Guillermo, C/Clemson (No. 89 overall, Grade: 80)

In a lopsided breakdown, the Seminoles grabbed six of the top 11 ACC recruits to lead the pack. Clemson was second with four recruits on this list, and Miami’s three ranked them third. Pittsburgh and Virginia Tech also got one recruit apiece. Numbers like this were not just limited to our league, however. Check out this list of the top 150 recruits in the country. No doubt you’ll see the large majority of the logos to the right belong to teams playing in the southern states and/or the SEC, plus Texas and Ohio State, and then some randoms thrown in around the country to fill out the few spots left. It’s a commentary on the current state of college football, and it’s only bound to continue. As long as the SEC keeps winning as they have, schools in the northeast and northwest will continue to be marginalized.


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