ACC’s Top 25 Players of 2011: No. 23, Sean Renfree

Duke's Sean Renfree is Number 23 On Our Countdown of the ACC's Top 25 Players

To recap the 2011 season of ACC football, we’ll be ranking the top 25 players in the conference this year, starting at 25, and heading all the way to the number-one slot. While these rankings can surely be debated, it’s still entertaining to assemble them. And on we go…

No. 23: Sean Renfree, QB/Duke Blue Devils

Sure, the Duke junior only threw for 13 touchdowns to 11 interception, and yes, Duke was just 3-9 this year. But looking beyond those baseline numbers, Sean Renfree actually helped Duke re-establish some respectability for the program. He also looked pretty impressive while doing it. Renfree averaged 240 passing yards per game (second in the ACC), completed 65 percent of his passes, cut down on sacks and finished third in total offense in the conference. None of these numbers would appear to belong to the Blue Devils’ quarterback, but that’s what folks miss when just looking at the simple box score. With Renfree sticking around for his senior season, we’re likely to see another jump in his numbers — and this time, it’ll be the visible kind. Could he be the first quarterback since 1995 to lead Duke to a bowl game? To be honest, I think he’s got the ability to make it happen — now he just needs more help from his team to deliver around him.


#24, Julian Burnett

#25, Terrell Manning


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