The Army-Navy Game: An Objective Analysis by an Objective Man

Army v. Navy Is One of College Football's Greatest, and Most Storied Traditions

Right up there with Cats vs. Dogs, Rome vs. Carthage, and Boxers vs. Briefs; Army vs. Navy is one of the oldest, most celebrated rivalries around.  Navy holds the lead with a 55-49-7 record.  Both Academies have produced Heisman Trophy winners, won National Championships, and U.S. Presidents.

Although they fight each other bitterly on the field of play, they fight together on the field of battle, representing the greatest team in the world, the United States of America.  As a USMC Officer Applicant, I am partial to the Midshipmen.  But win or lose, we should all be proud of what these young men are ultimately preparing for, and what they will do as members of our military.

Go America and Go Navy!

“The Army Goes Rolling Along” “Anchors Aweigh” “Marines’ Hymn”

P.S. Army needs to bring these uniforms back, and they needed to do it yesterday.


2 thoughts on “The Army-Navy Game: An Objective Analysis by an Objective Man

  1. The Tradition and Ceremony that is Army/Navy Football cannot be compared to anything; (dare I say) not even the Super Bowl. And, if you really love the Army Navy game, you can’t help but get emotional about the rivalry; I mean really spill out some proud tears. GO NAVY!!!!…BEAT Army…Again!!!! Ten in a row!!!

  2. Used to go to Army games all the time as a kid since they were the closest “real” college team (sorry, Hofstra), but never got to Army-Navy, unfortunately. Love watching this contest for the past 15 or 16 years, though. Go ARMY! Beat NAVY!

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